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Shipping Policy for Electronic Delivery of Floor Plans

1. Delivery Format

  • All floor plans will be delivered electronically.

  • Customers will receive two files per plan: one in PDF format and one in CAD format.

2. No Physical Copies

  • Please note that no physical copies will be provided or mailed.

  • The delivery will be solely through email to ensure speed and efficiency.

3. Email Delivery

  • Upon completion of your purchase, the floor plans will be sent to the email address provided at checkout.

  • Ensure your email is correct and capable of receiving attachments.

4. Download and Access

  • You will receive an email with a link to download the files.

  • Files must be downloaded within 30 days of delivery.

5. Use and Licensing

  • The files are provided for personal use related to the specific project.

  • Redistribution or resale of the files is strictly prohibited.

6. Support

  • If you encounter any issues with downloading or opening the files, please contact our customer support immediately.

7. Confirmation

  • Upon sending the files, we will provide a confirmation email stating the delivery of the floor plans.

By purchasing our floor plans, you agree to abide by these terms of delivery. We are committed to providing you with high-quality service and support. Please reach out for any clarifications or assistance regarding our shipping policy.

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