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AE Drafting has serviced projects in Sacramento, CA down to Los Angeles for over 10 years

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Main business focus:

Sacramento CA for over 10 years

We also have projects completed in Davis, Walnut Creek, Oakland, San Francisco, Woodland, Elk Grove, Carmichael, Arden-Arcade, Orangevale, Folsom, Eldorado Hills, Yuba City, Live Oak, Fairfield, Winters, Dixon, El Macero, Fair Oaks, Rio Linda, Richmond, San Pablo, Martinez, Concord, Bay Point, Pleasant Hill, Natomas, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Hollister, Pacific Grove, Los Gatos, San Jose, Mountain View, San Mateo, Berkley, El Cerrito, and projects outside CA as well Missouri, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arkansas

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has Steve Tibbs been a draftsman for?
    Steve Tibbs has been drafting for over 20 years and has completed more than 800 projects.
  • What is an ADU?
    Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have several nicknames that reflect their diverse forms and functions. Some common ones include: Granny Flats: This term is often used for ADUs that house aging family members, providing them with close but independent living quarters. In-Law Units: Similar to Granny Flats, these are meant for relatives and offer them a separate space on the same property. Backyard Cottage or Laneway House: Typically refers to a detached ADU located at the back of the main house or along an alley. Garage Apartments: ADUs created above or adjacent to a garage. Carriage Houses: Historically referring to outbuildings originally designed to house horse-drawn carriages and related equipment, now often converted into living spaces. Garden Suites: This term emphasizes the ADU's placement in the garden or yard of the main house, often suggesting a cozy, nature-oriented dwelling. Secondary Suites: A broader term that can refer to any additional living space that has its own living, sleeping, cooking, and bathroom facilities. These nicknames can vary regionally and are often used interchangeably. They reflect the increasing popularity and diversity of ADUs as flexible housing solutions.
  • Where can I find a more detailed guide?
    Request our 10 Step Guide to Permits our talk to our AE Drafting Assistant on the home page!
  • How long does it take to obtain a permit?
    FAQ: How long does it take to obtain a permit? The duration to obtain a permit can vary widely due to factors beyond your control. For instance, a Historical design review might extend the timeline by over 6 months, while a complex lot split involving civil engineering could take years. Typically, a standard permit without intricate Design Reviews takes about 2-3 months from the initiation of the design to agency approval. If you're not waiting on engineering or truss companies, the set of plans can be ready within 2-3 weeks.
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