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AE Drafting LLC focuses on California Title 24 compliance, offering energy-efficient and eco-friendly building designs. Their approach includes:

1. Energy Efficiency: They ensure designs exceed Title 24 standards, using high-efficiency HVAC, effective insulation, and advanced lighting.

2. Sustainable Design: Utilizing renewable materials and maximizing natural light, with energy-efficient appliances for reduced environmental impact.

3. Renewable Energy: Incorporating solar panels to promote sustainability and reduce fossil fuel use.

4. Smart Building Tech: Implementing automated systems to optimize energy use and minimize waste.

5. Client Education: Educating clients on the benefits of energy-efficient designs, with support for meeting and adapting to environmental regulations.

6. Expert Collaboration: Working with environmental experts to ensure innovative and environmentally positive projects.

AE Drafting LLC's approach aligns with California's energy efficiency and environmental protection goals, advancing sustainability in building design.

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