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What to Expect when Starting a Project with Amber Edge Drafting

Hiring a professional drafting service is the starting point for launching your project into action. We try to make getting started very simple. Once we have quoted the project, we conduct a site visit where we measure the existing building and property. Next, we draw the existing plan, and then work with the client to design the project that fits his/her needs best. We 3D model all of our projects, which allows one to know exactly what is going to be built. From the 3D renderings, we create the set of plans to be used for city / county approval and construction once they are approved.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We will answer as quickly and accurately as possible. We have permitted projects all over the state and have worked with many building departments. We would love the opportunity to discuss and quote your project!

Thank you for your time! - Amber Edge Drafting


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