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AE Drafting Custom new home package includes:


-Up to 15 hours of services

-One meeting included

-Plan check approval not guaranteed

-Schedule is typically 3 weeks to finalize plans (pending owner approval, will take longer if engineering is required)

-2 Floor plan iterations, 1 exterior style iteration

-Plans are standard CRC or IRC code notes

-Max height per CRC or IRC framing requirements

-Standard wood only, usually metal brackets and hangers

-Note: Decks over 8'-0 tall may require engineering or special bracing

Includes: Cover sheet, Proposed deck plan, Elevations (of deck, rough house elevation on one wall), Electrical location plan, Sections through deck, Online consulting, Online code research, CRC or IRC Framing plan and detail, One basic stair layout


-Excluded items: No Engineering, No footing calcs, No site plan, No title 24, No building submission, No design reviews, No historical, No porch roof design (ask for custom quote), See terms and conditions for complete list. No items that are not specificaly stated as included above.



Stairs & Deck - 500 Sq. Ft. or less

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